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Vintager tour

Explore vineyards and a wine tasting

  • 2 Nights in a comfort room (Double)
  • 2x breakfast buffet
  • 1x Franconian 3-course menu
  • Hike through the vineyards with wine tasting
  • 4-course vintager menu
  • Bookable from 20 people on

Hiking weekend

Across the region of "Main-Spessart"

  • 2 nights in a comfort room (Double)
  • 2x breakfast
  • 2-course menu
  • Hiking snack + hiking map
  • 3-course menu
  • Bookable from 2 people on

Die Original Rothenbucher Spessarträuber

Die Original Rothenbucher Spessarträuber

  • 2 ÜN im Komfort DZ
  • 2x Breakfast
  • 1x Bandit snack
  • 1x Spessart bandit attack
  • 1x Bandit meal
  • Bookable w. 25 people

The bandit attack is being performed by a lay group, and has already been filmed and been shown on the BR broadcast. The guests are of course being integrated in the attack: They are being blacked out, one is being "hanged" and must apologise. The program lasts depending on the group size between 40 and 60 minutes. Plot spoiler, look away: A pastor saves the hung person in the very last minute.


Send us your reservation request with type of room, time of arrival/departure, and the amount of people attending, and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to confirm your reservation.